Losing weight is a very personal experience and the journey often feels hopeless.  We find that our patients engage in that hard work without the knowledge and tools they need to succeed and experience hopeless frustration as they don’t see the changes that they are working for.  There is no one size fits all weight loss program.  Each of our patients are different; different health history, different lifestyles, work out routines and frequencies as well as different body types.  We are told that diet and exercise are the primary drivers to losing weight.

But what if you body has some  functional brokenness that disables the careful work that you are doing?  Our Providers must carefully consider what the most appropriate and effective program is for you and your lifestyle.

Our providers engage in that journey with our patients and employ all of the tools that are not available without medical oversight.  Whether we are assessing blood tests, writing patient specific eating strategies, Body Composition Analysis, fat mobilizing hCG or other peptides, fat shredding injections like LIPO-Lean or appetite suppressants like Phentermine we apply the tools in the most effective way to get the results we are looking for.

We are inspired by the positive changes we see in our patients bodies as we engage in their journey with them.

We most enjoy empowering our patients with the confidence that comes from the success we achieve.  Our goal is that our patients have future sustainable sustainable lifestyle adaptations so that they never need to seek help with losing weight again.

Hormone Replenishment: is fundamental to a healthy functioning body. Many of our patients come with the hopeless frustration that have tried everything to lose weight, and nothing worked.  They often do not realize that depleted sex hormones lead to fat gain and muscle loss. That systemic dysfunction of depleted hormones must be treated in order to achieve internal function.  Once we have accomplished that we work on getting to their ideal weight.

hCG and The Very Low Calorie Diet:  Many of our patients respond well to the hCG assisted very low calorie diet.  Low Calorie diets are very effective for more than weight loss.  Very Low Calorie Diets affect health systemically and positively and you lose the weight you wanted.

hCG Assisted Fat Loss:  We use hCG to mobilize fat without following the Very Low Calorie Diet.  We develop patient specific meal plans along with hCG.  This has proven to be a very effective way for patients to achieve their ideal weight.

Body Composition: Body weight is composed of proportions of skeletal muscle mass, water and fat. Most people need to lose pounds of body fat and gain weight pounds in lean muscle mass. Total weight should reflect the patients lifestyle and goals and is determined by healthy proportions of each component of lean body mass and body fat mass. This is why the focus should not be on merely losing weight. The objective in healthy body management is to have and maintain healthy proportions of body fat and lean muscle mass.

Ideal Weight: Ideal weight is patient-specific. Patient weight is determined by deriving the ideal body composition for each patient. According to the patient’s lifestyle and exercise history, muscle weight is determined, as well as body fat, in pounds and proportional percentages.

Body Composition Analysis: Each patient starts with a body composition measurement, utilizing an accurate bio-impedance machine.

Patient-Specific Eating Plans: An eating strategy is developed for each patient. Changes are made as necessary after additional body composition reports. There are objectives for our eating plans. They must be specific to the patient. They are oriented to maximize fat loss and minimize muscle loss. The eating plan evolves over time to achieve that end.

Calorie Counting: The patient must be educated away from the “calorie counting paradigm” to an “appetite listening” model. Removing appetite distorters empowers patients to understand the language of their body and their appetite. Appetite should never be suppressed but rather freed, understood and acted on.

Exercise: Exercise with the objective of burning calories and losing weight is not as effective as impacting fat loss through patient-specific meal planning. Fat weight is eaten off the body. Weight in lean muscle mass is exercised onto the body. We recommend resistance training as the best method to impact patient body composition.

Plateaus: Almost every patient must work through plateaus as they work to reduce body fat or increase muscle mass. At times we must wait for your body to move. We have developed techniques to work through plateaus. Plateaus are a reality and can be emotionally trying. Our focus is on the process. A right process will lead to the right result. A wrong process will never achieve a good result. The process becomes the result.