You are unique! Your “Body Composition” is very educational.

  • We embrace the learning journey with every patient as we discover with them the meal plan that is best for their body
  • When we know how to eat for our own body, we feel empowered
  • When we eat right for our body everything works better

Some of the strategies we employ are unique: We “train to gain”

  • We do not embrace exercise as a way to metabolize fat
  • We “eat fat off our body”
  • We embrace exercise as a way to gain mass
  • We tackle one problem at a time

It is difficult to structure a meal plan that accommodates muscle gain and fat loss, at the same time.

  • The fat problem is addressed first, and the mass problem next
  • We view exercise as a great strategy to maintain optimal health
  • We do not view it as the primary method to lose body fat

We reject the idea that we have to be hungry and miserable to lose weight.

  • We find most people aren’t eating enough food In order to catalyze body fat
  • We monitor body composition – we know exactly what our patients are losing

We find people in varying degrees of hopelessness when it comes to their weight.

  • We treasure every opportunity to engage in the lives of our patients and move them from feeling defeated to empowered hopefulness.

We would love the opportunity to engage in this process with you! Sign up for a free initial consultation and start your-unique journey to Turn Back the Hands of Time!