Bio-Identical Testosterone Replacement Therapy

As the male body ages, it becomes increasingly unable to produce the healthy levels of the primary male hormone testosterone. The symptoms of testosterone depletion are often attrib

uted to aging, and therefore not considered a treatable condition. But testosterone deficiency is treatable with bio-identical testosterone. < Read more

Weight Loss / Body Recomposition Overview

Body weight is composed of proportions of skeletal muscle mass, water and fat. Most people need to lose weight in body fat, and gain weight in muscle mass. Total weight should be determined by healthy proportions of each component. < Read more

Sexual Health and Function The Priapus Shot

Growth factors derived from your own blood that provide amazing sexual rejuvenation! The Priapus Shot is a revolutionary approach that uses natural blood-derived growth factors to help men who have erectile dysfunction or want to restore the atrophic experience that all men have, regain sensitivity and increase semen volume. < Read more