Stem cell therapy has been incredibly sought after for the past few years. At Regain, we knew that as a health and wellness center, and purveyor of functional medicine, stem cell therapy was our logical next step in offering non-surgical healing options.

Here’s the cool thing about stem cells: They actually look around at the cells nearby, and TURN INTO those cells. Then, they grow and multiply, speeding healing, and reducing pain. So, take a person that has pain in her knee… maybe it is from arthritis, or a bad fall. There may be small tears in the cartilage. Stem cells can actually heal those tears WITHOUT surgery. There is literally no down time, you can walk out of our clinic the same day.

And then, you’ll get to experience the amazing feeling of healing. One cell at a time.

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We give seminars entitled “The Science of Stem Cells” that provides even more information. Call our offices today at 913-291-8555 and we will save you a seat!