Shirley Verbenec

Shirley earned her Masters in Science of Nursing from the University of Kansas.  She is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner.  She has career specialized in wellness; focused on Heart Health, Women’s Health, Disease Prevention and Weight Management.

Shirley is absolutely passionate about the organic process of health optimization in the lives of each patient.  She is trained to recognize the unique health challenges of each patient.  She’s refined her expertise at targeting proactive individualized health gain regimens to the needs of each patient.  Shirley embodies ReGain’s per patient, passionate focus respecting inside out, function first, personalized health creation.

In bringing her Heart Health background to the ReGain team, Shirley has provided incredible insight and critical application to our weight management (Body Composition), patient specific nutritional strategies as well as leveraging the right exercise programs to its best end of health optimization.  Her objective is always the patient she is working with, not some other persons ‘diet’ or ‘workout program’.

She has helped to refine our hormone replacement protocols with targeted health gain metrics reflected in improved blood panels.  Shirley is working with our team to publish a book demonstrating the fundamentals of optimal hormone health to Age Management, body ReComposition and whole body health gains.  Her rich experience in Heart Health and lab panel analysis has influenced ReGain’s practical treatment protocols as well as patient education.

Shirley is in the army reserves.  She loved the physicality of boot camp!  Though you may think of that as intimidating, her capacity for aggressive focused discipline takes the shape of heartfelt empathy in our clinical environment.  That aggressive empathy pulls the patient forward.  Not only do our patients benefit from her background, she is an inspiring influence for the ReGain team.  If you are a patient of ReGain you are receiving the tremendous benefit of Shirley’s rich background in your care.  Her primary treatment responsibility is our Manhattan patients but her influence has resulted in the creation and advancement of your health.

Shirley is the proud mother of Lilli.  Whose athletic prowess is already reflecting Shirley’s own athleticism and her passion regarding the health rewards of maintaining elite physical condition.    She is absolutely the first practitioner of her health philosophy.