What is PRP?

PRP, or platelet rich plasma, is a potent concentrate of healing platelets developed from a sample of your own blood. The PRP solution that we use in our regenerative medicine treatments contains incredible healing factors. This powerful serum will help your body return to a healthy state and relieve a variety of painful conditions.

Our goal here at Regain Functional Medicine + Aesthetics is to help alleviate your pain so you can move better, function better, and feel better. Get in touch with our medical clinic today to set up a free consultation.

What is a PRP Injection?

A PRP injection is an all-natural method of treatment for pain relief. It works to heal the underlying cause of your condition rather than simply mask the outward symptoms. The injection is prepared when the blood sample is placed into a centrifuge and spun to develop a rich, potent solution.

This golden solution contains highly concentrated platelets that boost your body’s healing capabilities and naturally alleviate your pain.

Our PRP injections are noninvasive and require little to no downtime so you can get on with your day once the treatment has been administered. There are also no side effects since the treatment comes from your own blood so you can get you back doing your regular activities with less pain.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

The fact that platelet-rich plasma therapy is a natural treatment that targets the root cause of your pain is what sets it apart from other conventional treatments. There is no chance the treatment will be rejected by your body, and it doesn’t just cover up the symptoms, rather it works at the source to heal the root cause of your pain. When conventional treatments like medication are used to ease pain, they only mask the symptoms, but never address what is causing them.

When you realize that pain is just a result of what’s happening below the surface, targeting the cause of the condition for long-lasting pain relief seems like the most effective solution. Medication has the potential to lead to dangerous dependence, and surgery often requires long, drawn-out recovery times that can leave you open to the risk of infection. However, with PRP therapy, your own blood is used in the treatment, so there is no risk of rejection and our patients are in and out the same day.

Some of the conditions that our doctors at Regain have treated using platelet-rich plasma therapy include:

  • Knee pain
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Elbow pain
  • Joint pain
  • Hip pain
  • Damaged or degraded cartilage
  • Torn ligaments
  • Elbow pain
  • Neuropathy
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Disc problems
  • Bone issues
  • Sciatica
  • And more

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