Painless, fast and uniform laser hair removal treatments for all skin types

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The technological breakthrough behind the Motus systems by DEKA is the proprietary Moveo technology (Italian for move), a handpiece with a cooled sapphire tip that reduces the energy loss to the skin making the absorption more efficient and effective.

As a result, the Motus platform is the first high-speed Alexandrite laser that makes it possible for even darker skin types to benefit from the effectiveness of the Alexandrite wavelength.

What is unique about the Motus AY is that it combines all the specifications of the Motus AX device plus a Nd:YAG handpiece to expand the laser’s versatility to the treatment of spider veins, capillaries and other vascular issues.

Benefits Using the Motus AY

  • Efficacy of the Alexandrite wavelength now safe for the widest range of skin types
  • Double the energy transfer compared to standard laser delivery
  • Painless, fast and uniform hair removal treatments
  • Shorter and fewer hair removal treatments to achieve long-term result
  • Expanded versatility for the treatment of vascular concerns

The Motus AY is manufactured by DEKA, Europe’s top aesthetic laser manufacturer.

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