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Micronutrient Overview

What are Micronutrients? Micronutrients are essential for effective immune function, with changing requirements in every stage of life. The micronutrients necessary to retain immunocompetence include vitamins A, C, D, E, B2, B6, B12, Folic Acid, Betacarotene, Iron, Selenium, and Zinc.

Adequate nutrition is crucial to ensure supplies of energy sources, macronutrients, and the necessary micronutrients that are required for the development, maintenance, and expression of an immune response to all of the attacks on healthy physiologic function.

The importance of Micronutrients

Multiple studies indicate that micronutrient deficiencies were shown to adversely affect the immune system and predispose individuals to infection and disease.

There are different reasons for these deficiencies; lack of nutritious food or certain food groups, lifestyle choices of vegetarianism or veganism, stress, lack of sleep, decreased physical activity, seasonal changes, certain health conditions, and genetics can alter the level of micronutrient needs.

Depletion in these micronutrients expose the body to infections and diseases as well as inhibit its capacity to recover from infections and diseases. Micronutrient deficiencies are often more pronounced during illness as proper diet and exercise are often abandoned.

Aging depletes micronutrients as the body becomes increasingly unable to synthesize the food we eat, inflammation generally elevates with age and the use of micronutrient depleting prescription medicine increases as physical activity declines.

All of the above can deplete micronutrient stores. This depletion can significantly alter the ability of the immune system to respond to threats and function appropriately.

We offer micronutrient supplementation in both infusion and intramuscular injection treatment modalities.

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