Stephanie VanAusdall, APRNStephanie VanAusdall,

Stephanie is a Board-Certified Advanced Practice Registered Nurse. She received her MSN in Nursing from Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences.

She is passionate about the life changing effect of the personalized treatment plans she creates for each patient. Her priority is the patient in front of her and the way they feel.

She understands that feeling better is not merely a benefit of the kinds of treatment ReGain offers, rather it is the evidence that she has had a major impact on internal function. She knows that she has created a healthier patient and the evidence of that is they feel better and their bodies experience the positive changes of the new found energy and vitality.

Stephanie also has a background in the musculoskeletal world of medicine. Applying the advancements of cellular technology to our patients is inspiring for her. She works in regenerative medicine offered by Stem Life and is on mission to get our patients moving. Her focus is to get them out of pain, get them moving and regain their best health.