Why Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement for Women?

As the female body ages, it is increasingly unable to produce healthy levels of the hormones that the younger body produced. Replacing this hormone deficiency with natural hormones, through BHRT, enables healthy aging. Symptoms related to hormone depletion can be managed and reversed by restoring the deficiency in hormone levels. Women report feeling younger with restored vitality and zest for life.

What are the symptoms of menopause or hormone depletion?

  • De­pres­sion, de­creased sense of well-be­ing
  • Hot flashes
  • Va­ginal dry­ness
  • Mi­graine head­ache
  • Ir­rit­ab­il­ity, mood swings
  • Feel­ing tired all the time, fa­tigue, low-grade apathy
  • Di­min­ished sex drive/low li­bido
  • Men­tal fog and for­get­ful­ness
  • Di­min­ished word re­call (verbal memory)
  • In­crease in body fat, both sub­cu­taneous and vis­ceral, es­pe­cially in the mid­sec­tion
  • El­ev­ated LDL (bad) cho­les­terol and blood pres­sure
  • Blad­der prob­lems (more in­fec­tions, ur­in­ary leak­age)
  • Anxi­ety/pal­pit­a­tions
  • Cry­ing spells
  • In­som­nia
  • De­crease in bone dens­ity (os­teo­porosis, os­teopenia)
  • Joint pain/back­ache
  • Men­tal fa­tigue, lack of focus, brain fog
  • Night sweats
  • De­creased muscle tone and ex­er­cise tol­er­ance
  • Weakened im­mune sys­tem

At ReGain, we help restore the balance of necessary hormones in your body, to relieve the symptoms listed above. With over 20 years of experience in bioidential hormone replacement therapy for menopause symptoms, our staff is fully equipped to help you restore the days of your youth, effectively. To read about others success stories, click here. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.