Body Composition Analysis

What if you have lowered calories to the point that you are miserably hungry and you are exercising with a vengeance in order to see that scale move.  What if very little of the weight you are losing is actually fat??  What if most of the weight you are losing is actually lean body mass.  You feel miserable, hungry and tired and your size doesn’t move with the weight you are losing.

What if you could start the process knowing exactly what you should weigh in terms of pounds of lean body mass and pounds of body fat.  What if that was tracked and your meal plan and exercise routine were continually adjusted to insure that you were maximally losing fat and minimally losing lean body mass? What if you kept losing inches, didn’t feel hungry and tired and you knew where you were, what you were doing and where you were going each week.  Welcome to our Body Re-Composition Program.  Below you will find some highlights of our program.  If you want to discover how your body works, feel great energy and achieve your idea weight call us and we will start your journey not only to your best weight, but to your best health!!

Each patient starts with a body composition measurement, utilizing an accurate bio-impedance machine.  With this report we are able to determine the current pounds of body fat, body water and lean mass.

Based upon the patient’s lifestyle and exercise frequency we are able to determine their ideal weight in terms of total pounds in body fat and muscle mass.  Total weight should reflect the patients lifestyle and goals and is determined by healthy proportions of each component of lean body mass and body fat mass. This is why the focus should not be on merely losing weight. The objective in healthy body management is to have and maintain healthy proportions of body fat and lean muscle mass.  Most patients need to gain weight in muscle mass and lose weight in body fat.

Utilizing Body Composition Analysis- We are able to track the changes in the patients body accurately and adjust our approach and tools in order to maximize fat loss and enable muscle building.

On going Body Composition Analysis enables us to derive an eating plan that is specific to the patient and based upon accurate analysis of the data coming from their bodies.

Most of our females will weigh more than they think they should.  We tell them if your skinny jeans easily slide on to your body does it matter how much you weigh!!