Everyone has heard of hormones and while you might be able to recite a blurb about testosterone and estrogen, or saw a headline about hormone therapy, you might not really know what hormones actually are and their role in the body. Hormones are an incredibly important part of the makeup of the body. At the very simplest level of understanding, hormones control most of your basic bodily functions. They are what are called “signalling molecules”, that essentially serve as an internal communication system between cells in your body. They are like tiny little event coordinators inside your body’s system, bustling around and helping coordinate things like appetite and digestion, mood and libidio, and even how your immune system is functioning.

However, like a little event coordinator, if they are a little bit out of balance and not fully performing their coordination duties, the event suffers. So when these hormones become a little bit imbalanced or stop coordinating your system functioning process so effectively, your body can suffer from the side effects as well. But all hope is not lost. The incredible progression of medical technology has led to the the creation of hormone replacement therapies, treatments that try to fix that hormonal imbalance and mitigate the symptoms that hormonal imbalance can produce. One of those incredible therapy treatments is bioidentical hormone replacement, or BHRT, and Regain Functional Medicine is proud to offer this incredible and innovative BHRT treatment to our clients. Keep reading below to learn more about hormone imbalances, and how a BHRT treatment from Regain Functional Medicine might be a great move to start improving your life.