Why Bio-Identical Testosterone Replacement for Men?

As the male body ages, it becomes increasingly unable to produce the healthy levels of the primary male hormone, testosterone. The symptoms of testosterone depletion are often attributed to aging, and therefore are often not considered a treatable condition. But testosterone deficiency is treatable with bio-identical testosterone. That is, just like the testosterone your body makes. Restoring testosterone depletion in males has a pervasive effect on the male body and is one of the keys to aging healthfully.

What are the symptoms of testosterone deficiency?

  • Di­min­ished drive
  • Di­min­ished li­bido
  • Erectile dys­func­tion
  • In­creased risk of dia­betes and car­di­ovas­cu­lar dis­ease
  • In­creased blood pres­sure and cho­les­terol levels
  • Poor body com­pos­i­tion
  • In­crease in body fat, big­ger in­crease in belly fat
  • De­crease in lean muscle mass and strength
  • An­emia
  • Loss of bone dens­ity (os­teo­porosis)
  • In­som­nia
  • Joint pain and back­ache
  • Men­tal fa­tigue and sense of well being, lack of focus
  • Low en­ergy, loss of op­tim­ism, low-grade apathy and lack of drive
  • In­creased for­get­ful­ness
  • Ir­rit­ab­il­ity
  • De­pressed mood

At ReGain, we specialize in restoring balance to the hormones in your body through bioidential hormone replacement therapy. Our team has over 20 years of experience and is prepared to walk this journey with you, beginning to end. Testosterone imbalance is treatable and you can ReGain the time you’ve lost. Contact us today to learn more today.