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New location starting Tuesday, February 21, 2017

3510 Clinton Place, Suite 120, Lawrence, KS 66047

(Located on the back side of the Oread Medical building next to LMH South: Kasold and 23rd Street)

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Our mission is to help you FEEL BETTER, FUNCTION BETTER and LOOK BETTER. We utilize Natural or Bioidentical hormones in our treatment protocols; primarily, Testosterone, Estrogen and Progesterone. We also employ a wide array of Nutraceuticals to help regulate hormone balance in order to optimize blood chemistry and whole body health. The medical team has been treating hormone deficiency in males and females for over 25 years. The providers in our clinics treat hundreds of patients a week and have over two decades of clinical experience.

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Recognizing the unique nature of every person, treatment protocols are created and evolved for each individual. From hormone replacement recipes tailored to your blood chemistry, nutraceutical regimens specific to your deficiency – all the way to individually customized meal plan strategies, the distinctive nature of your body is considered and treated.

We employ a wide array of treatments designed to significantly impact the way you feel in your body, the way your body functions, as well as the way you present to the world around you.

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